Womenaid of Central MA - Give a little...help a lot!
About Us
Who We Are
We’re Shelley, Tina, Lucy and Peg.
We’ve all been in situations where we hear about a family that’s fallen on hard times, or seen a child at your kid’s school who clearly doesn’t have a warm coat,
or read a story about a struggling single parent with a recent cancer diagnosis, but it’s hard to find a way to help that’s fast, direct, and will truly help the situation.
That’s why we started Womenaid.
We knew that if we felt this way, there were probably lots of others in our community who wanted to help in these situations, too.  Since our first event in the fall of 2006, we have raised over $15,000.00 and have used this money to purchase gift cards to grocery stores, help with rising oil costs,
and pay child care/camps for children, utility bills and car repairs.
The seed was planted, the needs were there, and the number of women in our community ready and willing to help was abundant.
What We Do
Founded in the fall of 2006, Womenaid of Central MA raises money for immediate, short-term financial assistance for families in need.  We learn about these needs mostly through other Womenaid members, who see a hardship and ask us to help.  From paying for groceries for a family struggling with a crisis to helping a child with a much needed warm coat, we help individuals and families of all sizes and needs.
Our History
The concept was created in 2001 in Washington D.C. when six female friends met for supper in an area restaurant. One of the women, Dr. Amy Kossoff, spoke about how she wrote checks from her personal account to help her low-income patients with small bills for prescriptions, co-pays, and field trips. Dr. Kossoff estimated that she had given away nearly $10,000 in one year. One of her friends suggested that they all help pay these costs. Instead of going out to eat, they decided to have several pot-luck dinners and ask guests to contribute $35, about the cost of a restaurant meal. Dr. Kossoff was able to continue with her generous work, but with the support of friends, family and neighbors.
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